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1894 Carbines


Item # W1290-24-238

W1290  ANTIQUE WINCHESTER 1894 SRC Nice early 4-digit serial number. Cal 32-40. Not too bad cond gun with the receiver mostly a typical plum/brown color. The bbl also displays the same color. Good bbl markings. A few dings and scrapes but overall good looking. Buttstock is also not bad. Good fit with just a little shrinkage at the toe. Some deep stain or oil applied years ago. Much has worn off but some still remains. Overall wood cond is exceptional for an 1894 gun. Bottom lever pivot piece is a brighter blue and most likely a replacement. Somewhat of an oversized saddle ring. Ladder style rear sight and standard front sight. The bore is way above average for a 32-40 and would be in the VG range. You do not find a lot of antique 94's anymore, especially in a saddle ring. This would be a great gun for any early Winchester collector.

Antique  $ 2,500.


Item # W703-24-272

W703 DELUXE GOLD GILT MODEL 94 CARBINE Finest finish possible being gold gilt receivers. The Carbine has the typical carbine style stocks. Fancy 3X walnut carved and checkered style in F pattern. The receiver is done in style No. 7 factory pattern of scroll engraving. Cal 30-30. Tang sight, flip up rear sight and typical carbine front sight. This gun is in superb condition with vivid case colors on hammer and lever. Nearly all gold gilt on the frame, buttplate and bbl bands. All the high gloss lacquer finish on the stock.Many special order features. A carbine with dlx wood and carbine style butt is very unusual. Only 19 carbines were ever engraved and only 7 of them had carved wood. Only about 90 94's had gold gilt finish. Very rare gun that is well documented pictured in several publications. Excellent inside and out.

Modern  $ 95,000.


Item # W1361-24-218

W1361  WINCHESTER 1894 SRC Cal 32-40. Nice cond gun with some beautiful aging to the metal. This late 1800's gun still has about 50% blue turning to a very pleasing brown/grey. All markings are very good. For being a saddle ring carbine, this has some excellent wood. Just some light usage marks. VG bore. Nice action. Hard to find SRC's in 32-40.

Antique  $ 2,975 sale pending.


Item # W1396-24-239

W1396  WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CARBINE 25-35 A rather unique carbine in the cal 25-35 and is a flat band. Serial range is 1500xxx. A good looking carbine with nearly all blue remaining except for wear at the carry point and the high edges of the receiver. Wood is also quite good. There is a long scratch on the right hand side. A few age spots but otherwise wood is exceptional. Excellent bore. VG carbine to use or to collect.

Modern  $ 895 sale pending.

W1298 WINCHESTER 1894 SRC IN 23-35

Item # W1298

W1298  WINCHESTER 1894 SRC IN 23-35 Not nearly as common in the 23-35 as in the 30 cal. This gun has 90% blue on bbl and mag tube. A couple of slight wear marks but otherwise a bright brilliant blue. Receiver has nickeled out somewhat with some orig blue in protected areas. Wood is in above average cond with normal use marks and a light crack on the forearm. A gouge or two on the stock but good fitting to upper and lower tang. May have had some oil rubbed on it decades ago. A fantastic bore. A nice carbine!

Modern  $ 2,375.


Item # W1141-24-217

W1141  RARE PRE-64  WINCHESTER 94 IN THE 1157000 SERIAL RANGE This gun features the hooded ramp front sight and is in cal 38-55. It would have been one that was assembled out of parts during the war I assume. The gun is in fantastic cond with virtually all blue except some flaking on the lever extension on the bottom. Wood is in excellent+ cond with all orig lacquer. Orig sights. Mint bore. Very interesting gun. All orig. I don't believe I have seen one like this over the years. A fine gun.

Antique  $ 5,975 .


Item # W1255-24-229

W1255  SCARCE WINCHESTER 1894 SRC 38-55 You don't see a lot of SRC's in 38-55. This particuler gun is in well used condition but it looks like the user took care of it. Receiver has silvered out. Bbl has some blue in protected areas with the balance a brown/grey antique patina. Quite a bit of wear to the finish on the mag tube. Bore is fair with some roughness. Butt stock has numerous dings and scratches but fits nice to both upper and lower tang. Forearm has seen quite a bit of use and was evidently a scabbord gun. Dings and a slight piece missing by the bbl band but is solid. A decent old gun!

Antique  $ 1,895.

W1139 WINCHESTER 94 SRC 25-35

Item # W1139 -24-223

W1139  WINCHESTER 94 SRC 25-35 Somewhat scarce to find a saddle ring 25-35 in the 975k range. Good looking gun with nearly all bbl blue. A little wear in a couple of spots. Receiver has very nice blue. Light flaking on either side. Wood is in exceptional cond in both fit and finish. Bbl has the standard carbine ladder type sight. Nice action. VG bore. Desirable SRC!

Modern  $ 4,500.


Item # W1142-24-221

W1142  WINCHESTER 1894 SRC A very nice high condition carbine in cal 25-35. Nearly all blue remains on bbl and mag tube. Action also has quite a bit of blue with some flaking to the finish. Worn a bit at the serial number which is in the 763k range. The wood is also in incredible cond with no cracks or losses. Very good fitting. Inside is just as clean as the outside. Typical sights with the flip up ladder rear. A very nice little Winchester!

Modern  $ 3,995.


Item # W1061 -24-200

W1061  WINCHESTER M-1894 SRC This carbine is in the scarce 25-35 cal. Pretty much all the blue remains on bbl and mag tube. Some thinning in spots and a little flaking. It does have the 3-leaf rear sight and a Marbles 94-C blade front sight. The bore is bright shiny with nice rifling and in VG+ cond. Receiver has 80%+ finish remaining with some flaking. Both buttstock and forearm are nice fitting and have good cond wood. Not a lot of 94 SRC's in 25-35.

Modern  $ 2,195.

W1031 ANTIQUE 1894 SRC

Item # W1031-24-201

W1031  ANTIQUE 1894 SRC This is a high cond carbine that was manufactured in 1896. Cal 30 WCF. 90%+ bbl and mag blue. Receiver has about 20% blue remaining on the right hand side and the rest is turning a pleasing antique patina. The left hand side is equipped with a Lyman 21 which did a good job of protecting blue. Blue on the left hand side is about 50-60%. This carbine has exceptional case colors on the lever and hammer. Very seldom you will find a SRC with wood in the cond this one has. No cracks or losses and excellent fit at both upper and lower tang and frame. Forearm also exceptional. Bright shiny bore. Slick smooth action. This is a very nice antique 1894!

Antique  $ 3,500 sale pending.


Item # W710-24-254

W710 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 SRC Cal 30-30. Original 20" carbine with correct full length mag tube. Fair bore. Original sights include 3-leaf express rear sight and blade replacement base front sight. Original stock is had a fair amount of use and looks a little rough but better than a lot of them you see. Overall metal is a light to medium color brown patina. Some roundness to the corners. Some indistinctness on the bbl address. Correct saddle ring.

Modern  $ 795.


Item # W673-24-205

W673 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 SADDLE RING CARBINE Cal 30-30. Original folding ladder rear sight and typical post front sight. VG shootable bore. 1/2 length mag tube. Wood is VG with original shotgun style buttplate. Retains most original varnish. Original saddle ring. Overall metal with about 85% bright shiny original blue starting to flake and turn thin in areas.

Modern  $ 1,575.


Item # W07-24-252

W07 SPECIAL ORDER WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CARBINE With fancy deluxe checkered wood and full nickel finish. Gun is in the 1,050,xxx serial range, has an early sight configuration, made with the saddlering delete. 3X high gloss lacquer finish (most of which still remains), carbine stocks, hardrubber shotgun style buttplate. The gun has had some use and retains 85-90% orig nickel, nice bore, orig sights, good bbl markings. Numerous hunting mars & dings. Very scarce & interesting. The only one I've ever seen in this configuration.

Modern  $ 8,500.

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