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Winchester 1866

In 1866 Oliver Winchester purchased the New Haven Arms Company and turned it to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 1866 Winchester was the first Winchester Model. Sharing the brass frame design inherited from the Henry Rifle, the 1866 quickly earned the nickname "Yellow Boy," a name which is popular with collectors to this day. An improved loading system was an important improvement over the Henry Rifle design. The added loading gate on the right side of the frame, and a solid magazine tube, are the major differences between a Henry Rifle and a Winchester 1866 rifle.


Item # W588

W588 MODEL 1866 WINCHESTER RIFLE 44 RF cal. 24" round bbl with full mag and rifle style butt. Later gun in the 158k serial range with the steel forend cap and steel butt plate. Metal has been cleaned long ago as well as the brass having been polished. Traces of original blue in protected areas with the balance turning silver/gray. Brass looks to be in good shape. Original sights. The bore is surprisingly very shiny with only a couple of light pits. Wood is good fitting with no cracks chips. Smooth action.

Antique  $ 6,975.


Item # W802

W802 ROUND BARREL WINCHESTER 1866 RIFLE Rare 44 CF cal. 24" round barrel with full mag. Dovetail front sight and sporting rear. Dark bore with light pitting throughout. Bbl. & mag tube are mostly a gray starting to tarnish. Receiver has been polished long ago. All wood has been replaced with heavily sanded high gloss finish wood that fits relatively well. Action is ok, but could use some attention as the elevator doesn't stay all the way down. Most 1866 rifles were octagon. This one comes with a research form confirming the round barrel. Not a bad gun for the money.

Antique  $ 5,500.


Item # W801

W801 TACK DECORATED WINCHESTER 1866 SRC 44 RF cal. Standard configuration 20 inch barrel with full magazine. Brass frame. Carbine butt stock. Barrel and mag tube have turned a chocolate brown patina. Bore is not the worst I have ever seen, but is not bad for an 1866. Rear sight has been replaced with an 1873 marked ladder sight very long ago. Front is original. Brass has a natural antique patina to it. Wood is a little shy around the tangs and is a bit ill fitting. The usual small crack in the front of the forearm. Brass tacks match the brass receiver patina. Original saddle ring is present. Action could use a tune up. This carbine was made in early 1883. A nice display Winchester.

Antique  $ 4,750.


Item # W384

W384 FRENCH RETAILER MARKED NICKEL WINCHESTER 1866 SRC 44 RF cal. Blued bbl. and mag tube with nickeled receiver, hammer lever and butt plate. The top of the receiver is marked with the French retailer mark "Gunther & Cie Frt Strasbourg, 46 Paris". Bbl. has thinning blue. Bore is a little rough with very light rifling. The nickel is about 80% present on the rest of the gun. It is possibly period, or dealer applied nickel. The wood is near excellent. Sharp markings and a crisp action. A good looking SRC with a rifle style butt plate. Made in 1870.

Antique  $ 11,500.


Item # W470

W470  WINCHESTER 1866 SRC This is a later gun being a 4th model in 160k serial range. A good looking gun with good condition throughout. A nice deep aged patina on the bbl and mag tube. Receiver is nice smooth metal and retains some of the orig protective lacquer. It gives it a gold-gilted look. Buttstock is in good cond. Just a bit shy at the tangs. Fits well at the buttplate. A light crack coming off the left side of the buttplate. Forearm is quite nice with just some light gouging where the bbl band has been removed and returned. Standard carbine sights. Nice action. Above average bore. A good looking Yellow Boy!

Antique  $ 8,500.


Item # W449

W449  DELUXE ENGRAVED UBERTI 1866 RIFLE This gun is NIB with full coverage engraving on the receiver, beautiful case colored hammer and lever and eye catching deluxe wood! Uberti has done a fine job of re-creating fine old classic firearms. This gun is very pretty! Cal 45 Colt.

Modern  $ 2,775.


Item # W044

W044  HENRY MARKED WINCHESTER 1866 SRC Early gun in the 16k serial range. This is early enough that the serial number is on the side of the lower tang and not visible without removing the stock. This would be an early 2nd model 1866 with Henry marked bbl with correct small lever. This is high condition for an 1866 saddle ring. Grey/brown color to the bbl and mag tube. Still has visible bbl markings. Correct early style sights. Attractive brass patina to the receiver and also the buttplate. For an early carbine this buttstock is correct. Buttstock is nice overall with handling marks but good and solid. Was lightly cleaned many years ago and looks like a coat of oil was added. Forearm wood is in great condition for a carbine. Very small crack coming off of the forearm but all wood is present. A good early collectable gun!

Antique  $ 11,750.


Item # W323

W323  WINCHESTER 1866 SRC An 1880's gun in pretty good overall condition. The brass frame is that color you want. Beautiful aged mustard patina showing age but still very nice orig condition. Elevator has some old dings to it. Bbl is a grey color and looks like someone did some cleaning years ago. Not overdone since the bbl address is still visible. Wood is also very good condition. Nice fitting to the tangs and the frame. Forearm is nice with no cracks. A decent Yellow Boy carbine ranks high on every collectors list!

Antique  $ 10,500.


Item # W297

W297  WINCHESTER 1866 RIFLE Just over 150k serial range being an early 4th model. Equipped with a round bbl. A typical aged medium brown color to bbl and mag tube. Good markings. Rocky Mountain blade type front sight that looks like a blacksmith or gunsmith did the blade. Rear sight has also been replaced. The beauty of this gun is in the color of the brass receiver. It has the very desirable speckled butterscotch color to it. It looks like it has had a light cleaning to the metal leaving a mostly satin finish. There is a few dings and a couple of buggered screws but the receiver looks good! Wood is not too bad either. A slight sliver missing by the lower tang on the right side. Other than that, fit is very good. All 4 corners are present.

Antique  $ 7,675.


Item # W316

W316  RARE INTERESTING 1866 WINCHESTER This an 1866 SRC with cartouches. This is rarely encountered on Winchesters. A circle cartouche on the left hand side of the stock with fancy lettering that say "A O S"and the same in a banner cartouche on the bottom of the stock. These cartouches are believed to be part of the 1866's in this serial range that were sold and sent to South America in 1877. This marking is described and illustrated in George Madis' Winchester book. If this is the case this is a fortunate gun. Most Winchesters that made the trip south did not stay in this condition and were used very hard. This gun is a high condition SRC. Very nice aging blue adorns the bbl and mag tube. Nice butterscotch color on the frame. Wood is way above average being nice fitting and no visible cracks. There are a few gouge marks and handling mars. Solid action with no lever droop. Very good collectable 1866! Comes with Winchester Letter.

Antique  $ 28,500.


Item # W311

W311  WINCHESTER 1866 SRC 130k serial range carbine making it a 3rd model. A good looking Winchester with quite a bit of bbl blue remaining. Some flaking and freckling to the finish. Orig flip type carbine sight. A nice patina to the brass receiver. Wood is exceptional for a 1866. Some usage marks but overall very nice condition. Good fitting to upper and lower tangs. Slight shrinkage at the toe. A coat of finish was added. Also, this carbine has an interesting circle cartouche on the left hand side of the stock with fancy lettering that say "A O S". These cartouches are believed to be part of the 1866's in this serial range that were sold and sent to South America in 1877. This marking is described and illustrated in George Madis' Winchester book.This is towards the top condition wise on what you would find for a '66 SRC.

Antique  $ 22,500.


Item # W1470-26-1

W1470  DELUXE ENGRAVED WINCHESTER 66 PRESENTATION RIFLE Cal 44RF. 24" oct bbl and full length mag tube. Beeches combination front sight and a flip up 66 rear sight. Excellent bore. Orig dlx grade wood in excellent cond with very fancy figured wood and an old repair in the wrist area done a long time ago. Sound and solid. Rifle style buttplate. Silver plated sling swivels. Bbl and mag blue at about 75% starting to turn a little plum. Receiver retains about 50% of original silver finish which has turned a quite dark color and highlights the depth of the engraving. The relief style engraving with 3 different game scenes, numerous borders and an inscription on the side "David Hart to Son Michael". This gun has been in many fine collections in the country and is pictured in numerous books including the Winchester Engraving book on page 109. A very fine gun. Engraving is attributed to Conrad Uhlrich. These are rarely found with the orig wood intact. They weren't knowledgeable about how the wood would react and had fancy burl running throughout the wrist area. Where the tang screw goes through they often had problems but this one was repaired and done quite well. Fine gun complete with high base folding vernier tang sight.

Antique  $ 75,000.


Item # W310

W310  2nd MODEL WINCHESTER 1866 A very attractive high condition '66 with oct bbl. Most blue remains on the bbl with some wear at the muzzle. Nice markings. Beautiful brass on the receiver. Appears to have been cleaned many years ago and the color is aging back. Nice smooth metal. Wood is also in exceptional condition with a light freshening. Letters "J K" are carved lightly into the forearm by the frame. A very handsome oct bbl 1866!

Antique  $ 17,500.


Item # 5B

THE WINCHESTER ENGRAVING BOOK By R.L. Wilson. Hardcover book of over 500 pages. Beinfeld, Second Edition with most info from the old book and over 100 color pages of new info. Super book, the best of its kind. Out of print for about 20 years. We have the last of remaining new stock available, in shrink wrap. List price for the new reprint of this book is $225. These rare original factory sealed books are a real bargain at only $175, which is about half of what rare book sellers are charging for this edition.

$ 175.


Item # W259

W259  WINCHESTER 1866 OCTAGON BARREL RIFLE A good looking example of a 66 rifle. The oct bbl is in good overall condition and is a medium brown color. There is the typical marks and scratches but overall nice metal. VG bbl address. The full length mag tube is a more silver color. Lightly cleaned at some time. Inside the bore is at least good to possibly VG with good rifling. Some scattered moderate pitting and normal roughness. Nice patina on the receiver with a dull aged brass. This receiver started out its life as a carbine. There is quite a few in this serial range that were changed to rifles. It was all factory done and is so stated on the Factory Letter. The buttstock is in good overall condition with no cracks. A bit shy at the upper tang and towards the frame. The forearm is in quite good condition. There is a typical crack coming off the forearm on the left side. All the orig wood is present. Comes with Factory Letter. A good example!

Antique  $ 13,950.


Item # W258

W258  HIGH CONDITION WINCHESTER 1866 SRC Rarely do you find a 66 carbine in this condition! A later carbine in the 166k serial range. As stated; high condition. Most all bbl blue remains. Does have some aging but is still pretty bright blue. Very nice markings. A ladder sight with the 1873 marking on it. Also on the bbl is marked "44 RF" which you do see on some of these 1866's. Receiver has nice smooth metal with a pleasing patina. The metal buttplate even shows some case colors which is very rare on these old guns. VG bore and very nice action. Wood condition matches the rest of the gun as being exceptional. This 66 carbine is in the top tier of condition when it comes to the famed Winchester 1866!!

Antique  $ 35,000.


Item # W237

W237  EXTRAORDINARY DELUXE ENGRAVED WINCHESTER 1866 RIFLE Exhibition grade rifle factory engraved by Conrad Ulrich. This is a very special Winchester with gold plated receiver. Some gold plating remains in protected areas. Full coverage engraving on both sides with several game scenes and the precise beautiful engraving that Mr. Ulrich was noted for. All engraving is crisp and clean as is the whole gun. Bbl has aged to a pleasing blue/brown antique patina. Beautiful deep dark rich deluxe wood in VG condition. There is a very old well done repair in the wrist area. This fine Winchester was built in 1871. This Winchester is truly a piece of art!!!

Antique  $ 77,500.


Item # W131 -26-2

W131  HENRY MARKED WINCHESTER 1866 This is a second model 1866 rifle built in 1868. A very good eye appealing rifle with nice antique butterscotch patina to the receiver. Bbl has orig finish which has turned the classic aged blue/grey patina. This gun is equipped with sling swivels. It has the early 1866 ladder sight. Good action. Wood is also in VG cond. Some age shrinkage at the upper tang. A coat of varnish was added years ago. Looks good and the color is right. This is a very atractive 1866 rifle.

Antique  $ 16,750.


Item # W133-26-27

W133  WINCHESTER 1866 OCTAGON BARRELED RIFLE A good looking rifle. Receiver appears to have been cleaned years ago. A very careful job was done and it is aging back to a very nice color. This receiver was one of those that originally was suppose to be a saddle ring and has the saddle ring holes filled by the factory and was made into a rifle. This is seen from time to time in the 3rd model range and is absolutely correct. The bbl is nice with an aged blue/grey as is the mag tube. Serial range is 124k. Wood is in overall good cond. Fit relatively good and just slightly shy at the tangs. Forearm wood is also good overall. Most likely has had a light coat of oil or varnish applied decades ago. Nice tight action. No lever droop. This is a good looking Winchester!

Antique  $ 13,850.


Item # W08A -26-26

W08A  1866 WINCHESTER MUSKET Good looking musket with a pleasing butterscotch patina to the receiver. Bbl also is nice looking with an aged gre/brown patina. Wood looks good but there are a few flaws. The forearm has a crack from the end all the way down that has been repaired years ago. Also the buttstock has a chip missing out towards the plate towards the upper right. Buttplate is a bit ill fitting. A coat of something was added to the gun likely when they fixed the forearm. Still a good looking musket. An interesting stamping on the left side of the buttstock but can't quite make it out. A decent old Winchester!

Antique  $ 5,875.


Item # W1525 -26-15

W1525  WINCHESTER MODEL 1866 MUSKET Orig sights, bayonet and sling with correct swivels. Wood shows numerous mars, dings and rack marks from taking in and out of a rack. Sound and solid. Good bbl address and turning a plum/brown. Receiver is a pale yellow. All orig good looking musket.

Antique  $ 6,100.


Item # W939-25-4

W939  FACTORY ENGRAVED WINCHESTER MODEL 66 MUSKET Cal 44 RF. Excellent bore. Orig sights. Wood is in VG cond with a possible light coat of varnish added. Not sanded or undersized. Overall metal is in fine cond with about 75% orig nickel remaining on the bbl. Receiver has about 95% orig nickel turning a dull color. Factory engraved with a stagg on one side and scroll engraved on the other. All orig and complete with nickel plated sling swivels. Factory Letter of Authenticity from the Cody Museum. A nice specimen of a fairly hard to find gun and especially one that can be documented.

Antique  $ 17,500.


Item # W1289-26-28

W1289  WINCHESTER 1866 SRC The 66 carbine is one of the most sought after old west guns there is! This one is a decent gun with nice color on the receiver and good smooth metal. The bbl is in fair cond. There is some areas of light pitting and roughness. Most of the bbl address is readable. Bbl color is the normal antique grey/brown. Wood is good fitting to the upper and lower tang and also to the brass butt plate. Forearm has the normal crack from the front to the bbl band. Numerous dings and scratches but overall pretty good cond. A coat of varnish was added a long time ago. It has the flip up ladder sight and standard front sight. Action is good. A good looking carbine at an entry level price.

Antique  $ 7,500.


Item # W1128-26-6

W1128  INSCRIBED WINCHESTER MODEL 66 RIFLE Full oct bbl. Orig sights. Full length mag tube. Wood is in excellent cond with just a few minor mars. Correct rifle style butt plate. This is a 4th model rifle with steel forend cap as well as the steel butt plate. Overall gun is in excellent+ cond with 90% bbl and mag blue starting to slightly tone. The receiver is a nice untouched butterscotch patina with the inscription on the side which is not quite readable. We think it is the initials "T F R". Crisp sharp gun with excellent mechanics. All orig.

Antique  $ 21,500.


Item # W941-26-14

W941  WINCHESTER MODEL 1866 MUSKET WITH PROVISIONS FOR THE SABER STYLE BAYONET Receiver is a deep untouched pale yellow patina. Sharp corners. Crisp tight action. Bbl has traces of blue turned a plum/brown with VG markings. Orig sights. Excellent bore. Stock has numerous mars and dings but has 75-80% orig lacquer finish complete with a brass buttplate. Forearm has some dings as well and what appears to be a repaired crack on the right. Noticeable but doesn't look too bad. The screw heads on the bbl retaining bands have been filed off for some reason. Other than that it is untouched. Nice gun!

Antique  $ 6,750.


Item # 26-16

9470  66 SRC CALIBER 44 RF WINCHESTER Excellent bbl address. Bbl and mag tube retain 25% original blue with original sights. Excellent forearm. The upper and lower tang have been broken at one time and crudely repaired but is sound and solid and quite serviceable. The original stock is somewhat deformed but looks very good in the wrist area. The receiver in VG plus condition on 75%. The back 1/4 shows signs of abuse.

Antique  $ 5,200 .


Item # 8749-26-17

WINCHESTER MODEL 1866 1st MODEL FLAT SIDE SADDLERING CARBINE Serial number is 13,936. It appears there were some tacks imbedded in the forearm which have been removed a long time ago, buttstock looks good-shows alot of saddlering wear on the side and looks to be a very old replacement. Overall gun shows a fair amount of wear with somewhat rounded corners, the receiver has a real nice, deep butterscotch patina coloration, bbl is mostly a bluish brown patina. Colorful old gun; apparently it came out of Mexico and looks like it's got some homemade type sling swivels on it, correct sights, nice functioning action, correct saddlering. If Madis would have called these Henry Carbines, they'd probably bring about ten times what they're selling for today, however, it's still a rare gun and has a good premium-this is the first 1st Model flat side carbine I've had in probably 10 years. A decent gun.

Antique  $ 18,500.

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