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Winchester 1876

The Model 1876 Winchester uses the same basic design as the Model 1873, adapted for larger cartridges. The majority of Winchester '76's are in a rifle configuration, but occasionally carbines and muskets are encountered. The 1876 carbine is unique in the Winchester lever action family, as it has a long forearm wood, which gives it the appearance of a short musket. When you see your first '76 carbine, it is easy to mistake it for a musket.


Item # W567

W567  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE Cal 45-60. 28" round bbl and button mag. Orig sights include Beeches combination front sight and buckhorn rear sight. Wood is in good condition. Missing a sliver along the forearm on one side. The buttstock has been sanded and is slightly undersized in the wrist area. Replacement shotgun buttstock. Overall metal is mostly a plum/brown but it looks like someone put some cold blue on it. Nice functioning action. Correct 2nd model thumbprint dust cover. An extra dovetail has been neatly filled in the bbl.

Antique  $ 2,950.


Item # W341

W341 WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE 40-60 WCF cal. Most likely had a 26" octagon bbl that has been shortened to about 23-1/2". Mag has been made to match. Blued frame and crescent butt. Replaced blade front and an "1876" marked ladder rear sight. All metal has a plum/brown coloration with strong original blue coming through in the protected areas. Hammer shows dimmed case colors. Bore is good with shine to it. Action is crisp. Wood is good fitting with some handling wear and scattered dings. 1884 was when this caliber came out, and when this gun was made.

Antique  $ 3,175.


Item # W793

W793 SPECIAL ORDER MODEL 1876 WINCHESTER 45-60 WCF cal. Very rare 24" round barrel. Only 81 rifles with 24" round were mfd. in this caliber. Full length mag tube with case colored frame and crescent butt. Strong bore. Crisp action. Bbl. and mag tube are a grey/brown mixed with original blue coming through and blue in the protected areas. Case colors are dim but still present on hammer, lever and frame. Original sights include Sporting front. An "1876" marked ladder rear and an adjustable combination tang sight. Rifle is equipped with sling swivels. Wood is solid with some handling marks and most original finish remains. This was quite a handsome Winchester in 1880!

Antique  $ 11,500.


Item # W807

W807 MODEL 1876 WINCHESTER RIFLE Cal. 45-60. 26" round bbl. with full mag and crescent rifle butt. Barrel has been shortened to a more desirable length. Dust cover is loose. Front sight appears to be an ivory blade. Ladder rear sight with a piece of metal wrapping around it. Walnut forend & buttstock. Dark bore that would benefit from a good cleaning. All metal has turned a mostly brown patina. Forend is well worn with a chip on left side near receiver and shows heavy oil staining. Buttstock has original finish with oil staining, numerous dents & scratches. An 1882 made Winchester for not a lot of money.

Antique  $ 2,375.


Item # W564

W564 WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE 45-60 Cal. Set trigger works. Special order 26" octagon bbl. with full mag and rifle style butt. One of only 1,797 rifles in this caliber to have this bbl. length. Bore is good with scattered light roughness. Original sights include an interesting rear "1876" marked ladder sight and a standard blade front. Bbl. and mag tube are a brown patina with original blue remaining in the protected areas. Frame is a brown/grey with traces of blue on the side plates. Action is crisp. Forearm wood is good. Butt stock has a crack on the left side from the tang screw to the butt plate. Wood is still sound and solid otherwise. Early 1880 gun. Should make an affordable shooter and collectable Winchester.

Antique  $ 4,500.


Item # W939

W939 WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE 45-75 WCF cal. Second year production rifle with 28 inch octagon bbl. and full mag tube and crescent rifle butt. Standard front and "1876" marked ladder rear sights. Bbl. and mag tube have thinning blue turning plum with wear to the high points. Bright and shiny bore with crisp action. Receiver has most thinning blue on left side with light cleaning scratches on the right side. Good case colors present on hammer with traces on the lever. Brass elevator has a nice butterscotch patina. Wood is good fitting. Stock is good. Forearm has 2 repaired cracks on the bottom of it with an indentation on the left side just behind the forend cap. Non factory sling swivels have been added. One to the forend cap, and the other goes through the lower tang covering up part of the serial number. An early Winchester in the original caliber to the Model 1876.

Antique  $ 6,500.


Item # W039

W039  WINCHESTER 1876 RIFLE Cal 45-75. 28" round bbl, full mag tube and crescent buttplate. Pretty good looking gun with most finish remaining. Aged of course. The bbl is a pleasing brown with quite a bit of blue remaining, especially in protected areas. The mag tube is a medium brown. Antique color on the frame with still lots of blue peaking out there also. Wood is in very good condition. Nice fitting with just a light crack on the forearm. Missing a slight sliver on the right side. Bore is a bit rough with light to moderate pitting. Rifling is still quite evident. A good looking 76 that is fairly priced.

Antique  $ 4,100.


Item # W376

W376  WINCHESTER 1876 OCTAGON BARREL RIFLE Cal 45-75. A good looking Winchester with all the right stuff. Oct bbl, full length mag tube and crescent buttplate. Still quite a bit of aging blue on this gun with pretty decent bbl blue. A couple of areas have been lightly cleaned. Most blue remains with a light touch of antique brown/grey color showing also. Mag tube has most finish remaining. There is a ding on the left side. Receiver is still quite nice with most aging blue remaining. Some age spots scattered throughout. Still some light case colors remaining on hammer and lever. Lightly freshened wood in VG overall condition with one light chip missing on upper left side of forearm. A very attractive rifle!

Antique  $ 6,750.


Item # W42

W42  WINCHESTER 1876 RIFLE This is a very interesting gun with some good Western Flare. This gun was very likely a rancher or cowboy rifle as it exhibits a lot of forearm wear typical of a gun riding across a saddle. One could only imagine the saddle hours it would take for this kind of a wear pattern to emerge. Another problem this cowboy had was some sort of accident that must have landed him and his gun on the ground as the buttstock has been cracked all the way from the upper tang through the stock. Had to have broke right off the gun. He took it to his blacksmith and they made a round "saddle" that mated the two pieces back together and an old nail through the top of the comb. The stock is surprisingly tight. Bore is at least good with good rifling and needs a serious cleaning. Metal color is a medium brown/grey. Cal 45-60. This is one of those "If guns could talk" firearms!

Antique  $ 2,975.


Item # W339

W339  VERY RARE WINCHESTER 1876 MUSKET Cal 45-75. Musket has a 32" round bbl with bayonet lug and cleaning rod present. Bbl is a silver color. Appears to have been cleaned with some sort of solvent. No blue is present on the bbl. Flip up ladder sight. Inside is a rather dark bore. Rifling quite strong but is definitely in need of a good cleaning. Cleaning continues on the receiver and it is a grey color. Looks like someone attempted to refinish the side plates with limited success. Metal is smooth. Original dust cover. Stock has been redone and is somewhat shy at the tangs and has a glossy finish. Other than that, wood is in good overall condition.

Antique  $ 6,950.


Item # W315

W315 HIGH CONDITION SPECIAL ORDER WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE This special order gun was made in 1886. Caliber 45-60. Features include a shorter than standard 24" octagon barrel of which only 401 were made in this caliber. A shotgun butt plate of which only 340 were made in this caliber. Rifle retains 85% original on the barrel and receiver. Mag tube, hanger and forend cap appear to be professionally refinished. Strong case colors on the hammer and dimmed on the lever. Butt plate still has a fair amount of original blue. Bore is very shiny with a couple of light pits. Original sights include a nickel-silver blade front and a standard folding ladder rear. The forearm is dark and the finish is worn. The stock retains nearly all of the original finish but has some scattered handling marks and a sliver out around the upper tang. A good looking Winchester.

Antique  $ 9,500.


Item # W455

W455 WINCHESTER 1876 WITH INTERESTING FACTORY LETTER Winchester Model 1876 rifle in 45-60 WCF caliber with a 28 inch round barrel and full length magazine tube. Rifle butt. Wood has scattered old dings, mars and scratches. Stock is good, forearm has a short repaired crack on the bottom. Receiver has some original blue in the protected areas with the rest turning a pleasing patina. Barrel and mag tube also have original blue in protected areas. Bore has strong rifling and with a good cleaning could be VG. Crisp action. Sharp markings. Now on to the letter which confirms the features and goes on to say in the notes Received in the warehouse on November 3, 1882. Shipped from warehouse on August 18, 1883 with 8 Model 1876's Returned by American Powder Mills with other 8 guns. All of these were eventually reshipped to other places. Reshipped August 1, 1884. American Powder Mills was originally founded in 1835 and sold to the American Powder Co. in 1864 which later formed the U.S. Powder Trade Assn. in 1872. In 1883 the company re-organized as American Powder Mills. One can only guess that this 1876 and the 8 others were originally ordered for ammunition design or testing after which they were returned to Winchester to be re-sold on the general market.

Antique  $ 4,775.


Item # W506

W506 WINCHESTER 1876 RIFLE Very nice 1876 in 45-60WCF caliber with a 26 inch octagon barrel and full magazine. Less than 1800 rifles had this barrel length in 45-60. Strong blue on barrel and mag tube. Receiver also has most original blue remaining with some wear at the carry point. Left side plate appears to have been replaced. Dimming case colors on hammer and lever. Cleaning rod is still present. Wood is nice fitting with no cracks, but does appear to have a coat of oil applied some time ago. Bore is excellent. Original German silver front and folding ladder rear sight. Crisp action. This is a fine example of an 1876 Winchester.

Antique  $ 11,750.


Item # W320

W320  2ND MODEL WINCHESTER 1876 Standard configuration rifle with 28" oct bbl, full length mag tube and crescent buttplate. Cal 45-60. This is a 2nd model. Early gun in just under 3500 serial number and has correct thumbprint dust cover. Factory Letter states configuration and set trigger. Set trigger is not working at this time. Aging blue on bbl with some rub marks. Overall metal is smooth with good markings. 1876 ladder sight and standard German silver front sight. Inside is a shiny bore with decent rifling and some light roughness. Overall bore condition would be in the VG range. Receiver still exhibits some blue with more on the left side. The balance has a pleasing antique grey color. Nice wood that fits and looks good. Comes with Winchester Letter.

Antique  $ 5,995.


Item # W390

W390 SPECIAL ORDER WINCHESTER 1876 RIFLE This Model 1876 in 45-60WCF caliber was made in 1882. Special order features are the 28" round barrel and the half magazine, as there were only 540 rifles in this caliber with the half mag. The original sights include a German silver blade front and adjustable folding ladder rear. There is about 20% original blue left on the receiver, mostly in the protected areas around the side plates with the rest turning a mottled brown patina. Barrel is mostly brown with some grey and some blue around the rear sight. Wood is good fitting with the usual scattered minor dents and dings. Action is fine. Bore has some shine with deep rifling and some small scattered pits. Traces of color on the hammer. Good 1876 rifle.

Antique  $ 4,750.


Item # W348

W348  INTERESTING PRESENTATION WINCHESTER 1876 oct bbl rifle, full length mag and crescent buttplate. This gun was presented by R.A. Castleman to J. Hunter December 25, 1885. A brass presentation plaque is on the right side of the buttstock which is in very fine condition. This is a high condition gun with most bbl blue remaining. Just some light wear to the high points of the octagons. Receiver also retains most blue. One mar across the loading gate and light wear at the carry point. Inside is just as nice. Cal 40-60. Complete with a Factory Letter.

Antique  $ 14,750.


Item # W433

W433  1876 WINCHESTER Nice standard feature gun with 28" oct bbl, full length mag and crescent buttplate. Cal 40-60. Good looking rifle that has aged gracefully. Bbl is a blue/ antique brown with blue in protected areas. Mag tube is a medium brown. On top of the bbl is a flip up ladder sight which was changed sometime in its life. It is an original Winchester sight. Front sight is a post with bead. Exceptionally good bore. Nice wood. Good fitting. Receiver has nice blue in protected areas. Smooth metal with an aged patina. This is a good honest Winchester 76!

Antique  $ 4,100.


Item # W193 -26-62

W193  WINCHESTER 1876 OCTAGON BARRELED RIFLE Cal 40-60. Full length mag tube. Crescent butt. Mostly a brown patina to the bbl and brown/grey on the mag tube. Receiver is mostly the same with an aged patina. Nice metal and good markings. Ladder style 1876 sight. Rocky Mtn front sight. Dust cover has a line on it that looks like it has been filled into it. Also on the receiver bridge is a line. Maybe for sighting? On the right side is an inletted brass piece. I really don't know what that was for. Bore is dirty and appears to be pitted. With a good cleaning it probably would be about fair. Wood is nice fitting. A good looking old Winchester. Fairly priced.

Antique  $ 2,975.


Item # W1478-25-61

W1478  1876 WINCHESTER WITH CASE COLORED FRAME A rare feature on the 76 coming from the factory with a case colored frame. The colors have aged and have mostly turned a grey color. This is a high cond gun and bbl blue is pretty much all there with some light wear. Cal is 45-60. It is a 2nd model with set trigger. Good looking wood that fits good to frame and tangs. A coat of oil has been added years ago. Bore is in the VG range. Nice action. Solid gun.

Antique  $ 7,750.


Item # W1121 -26-67/74

W1121  1876 WINCHESTER RIFLE Cal 40-60. Oct bbl, full mag tube and crescent buttplate. Good looking gun with quite a bit of finish remaining. Nice blue on the receiver with some wear in spots. Bbl about the same. Nice sharp octagons. Good markings. Added bonus of a VG+ bore. Orig dust cover. Rear ladder sight. Rocky Mtn blade front sight which looks like it has been modified slightly. Wood is in VG cond. Something strange about it is they have put some sort of coat of protectant over both the metal and the wood. This is a good solid 1876!

Antique  $ 6,500.


Item # W1620-26-72

W1620  WINCHESTER MODEL 76 RIFLE Cal 50 express. Orig 26" full round bbl and full length mag tube. Orig sights. Bright shiny bore with just a few minor pits. Orig wood. Considerable amount of orig varnish remaining. Areas of some dark and may be oil soaking. Not sanded or undersized. Complete with scarce rifle style buttplate. Almost all of these were shotgun style buttplate. Very fine orig gun. Retains about 75% thinning bbl blue. Receiver has about 80% thinning blue. Crisp tight action. Correct dust cover marked "Winchester Express 50 cal 95 grs". Rare gun!

Antique  $ 15,500.


Item # W1621 -26-73

W1621  1876 WINCHESTER RIFLE Round bbl in cal 45-60, full length mag tube and crescent buttplate. A good looking old Winchester with an aged blue/brown receiver. Bbl has more blue but aging also. A couple of little nicks and dings towards the muzzle. Mag tube is more of a brown/grey color. Wood is quite dark but in pretty good cond. A little shy at the tang. Missing a slight chunk in the upper left corner. Normal scratches and dings. Forearm cond matches the rest of the gun. Bbl has orig 1876 ladder sight and Rocky Mountain blade front. Bore is good overall with no pitting. Good rifling. Normal roughness seen in these old guns. 1876 is a good collectable Winchester! Complete with Winchester Letter.

Antique  $ 5,750.


Item # 8129-25-68

8129 VERY RARE COPY OF A WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 MUSKET Believed to be of Belgian manufacture. 34 bbl, rifle style buttplate, sling swivels, military style rear sight. Excellent copy of a '76 Winchester in extraordinary condition with virtually all the bright shiny blue, vivid case colors on hammer and lever and the stock retains nearly all the orig varnish. Very fine little gun-the only one I've ever encountered. I've seen a lot of copies of various 73's and 92's but have never seen a copy of a '76.

Antique  $ 7,800.


Item # W1119-25-69

W1119  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE Cal 45-60. 28" oct bbl and full length mag tube. Folding ladder 1876 marked rear sight and what appears to be the correct base front sight with an ivory blade having been installed. VG shootable bore is a little dusty and would benefit from a cleaning. Wood shows usual handling mars. Retains most orig lacquer. Slight bruises. A little discoloration to the finish on one side. Looks like it may have gotten a little close to the stove. Doesn't look any worse for wear. Rifle style butt plate. Bbl retains 75% toning blue. Mag tube is mostly a plum color. Receiver retains about 30-40% blue turning a brown color. Crisp action. Good markings. Complete with correct sliding dust cover.

Antique  $ 5,975.


Item # 8035-25-65

8035  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 DELUXE PISTOL GRIP RIFLE IN 45-60 Orig 28 full oct bbl, full length magazine tube, folding ladder rear sight. Orig pistol grip checkered fancy 3X walnut stocks are in generally VG cond with no splits or cracks; some minor wear to the checkering; complete with rifle style buttplate. Overall metal is in very nice cond with traces of orig finish, sharp corners, exc markings, mostly a plumish blue brown patina coloration on bbl and mag; traces of case hardening on the receiver. All orig and complete with set trigger and Cody Research Form.

Antique  $ 13,500.


Item # W1042

W1042  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE Cal 45-60. Original 28" full oct bbl and full length mag tube. Original sights include a typical Winchester front sight and a 3-leaf flip up express type rear sight. Original wood in VG condition with only a few minor mars and dings. Sound and solid with a rifle style buttplate. Special order set trigger. Mechanical condition is VG+ with crisp tight action. Overall metal is VG as well with about 60% blue remaining starting to turn plum/brown. Excellent corners and lettering. Nice clean gun with that "just out of the attic" appearance. Untouched and original with Factory Letter.

Antique  $ 8,250.


Item # W1120 -25-63

W1120  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 RIFLE Cal 45-60. 28" round bbl and full length mag tube. Folding 76 marked ladder rear sight and typical Winchester front sight which has the blade replaced with a brass blade. Very nice bore. Sharp rifling and semi-bright. Wood has a considerable amount of orig varnish with just a few mars and dings. No splits or cracks. Rifle style butt plate. Overall metal is very nice with about 10-20% bbl and mag blue. Receiver has about 30-40% thinning blue turning plum. Crisp tight action. Complete with correct dust cover and Factory Letter.

Antique  $ 5,950.


Item # 6B

THE STORY OF THE WINCHESTER 1 OF 1000 AND 1 OF 100 RIFLES A great new book by Ed Lewis. "A comprehensive guide to Winchester's dream rifles. No Winchester enthusiast can afford to do without this essential new reference! • Includes critical information that will help identify valuable rarities and avoid fakes. • Learn what makes these Model 1873 and Model 1876 rifles special and why they were made. • Enjoy the colorful stories behind these premium weapons, which were often the prized possessions of Western characters like cowboys, cattlemen, trick shooters, rustlers, state coach drivers and outlaws. • 500+ color photos • Serial number tables." 176 pages, hardcover.

No License Required  $ 50.


Item # W626 -25-66

W626  VERY EARLY FIRST MODEL 76 MUSKET Hawaiian musket features on this gun with the cleaning rod half exposed on the left hand side of the fore wood as well as the flip up spring loaded rear sight. Serial numbers in the 3800 range. This gun was part of a small group of 76 muskets that were sent to Northwest India approximately 1878. This is the only one I have seen with this exact configuration. Quite a unique gun. It has the 2nd model thumbprint dust cover with correct sliding rail. Overall the gun is in excellent+ condition with about 90% slightly toning bbl blue and 75% toning receiver blue. Original wood has a considerable amount of original varnish with a few mars and dings. Sound with no splits or cracks. VG condition with correct carbine style buttplate as well as sling swivels. Crisp and tight mechanical condition. Hard to improve upon this early 76 musket.

Antique  $ 22,500.


Item # 5644-25-67

5644 WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 MUSKET WITH SABRE BAYONET IN .45-75 Likely a Hawaiian Citizen Guard Musket as it went to order No. 35449 on 11/22/82. Stock is marked twice with 'S9' (Squad 9). VG+ bore, overall metal is a plum brown patina coloration with traces of blue in the protected areas. Walnut musket forearm has a couple of bayonet chop marks but is sound. Sound, serviceable buttstock as well, a coat of light varnish added to the wood, correct sights and sling swivels. Complete with sabre bayonet and Cody Research Form.

Antique  $ 12,500.


Item # 8253-25-62

8253  WINCHESTER MODEL 1876 DELUXE SPECIAL ORDER SHORT RIFLE IN 50 EXPRESS Orig 22 full round bbl, button mag, exc bore, orig sights, orig checkered fancy deluxe burl wood is in exc cond with most orig varnish remaining; complete with orig red Silver's recoil pad. Overall gun is in exc cond with 95% orig bbl blue, 50-60% orig case hardening remaining on the receiver. Fine little gun and very rare.

Antique  $ 37,500.

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