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Winchester 1895

The Model 1895 Winchester breaks from the design of other Winchester lever action repeaters by having a box-style magazine rather than a magazine tube.


Item # W383

W383  RARE 1895 WINCHESTER Quite scarce in the fact that it is in cal 303 British. Standard rifle configuration with 28" bbl. Some rub spots, flaking and missing blue in areas. Bore is good with strong rifling. Could use a good cleaning. Frame has decent blue with typical wear to the high spots. Magazine and lever also. Buttstock is equipped with a rifle butt. Good overall condition wood. Normal handling marks but is nice and sound. Forearm is also VG.

Modern  $ 1,775.


Item # W393

W393  WINCHESTER 1895 DELUXE Semi-fancy wood is marked "1X" on the tang. It does have a beautiful grain to both the stock and forearm wood is in very nice condition. Has been lightly freshened years ago. Bbl blue is nearly all there with just some light wear and a couple of scratches. Frame has good blue with some wear at the carry point. Equipped with a Lyman 21 sight. Near excellent bore. Cal is 30-1903.

Modern  $ 3,850.


Item # W1652

W1652  ENGRAVED WINCHESTER 1895 Cal 38-72. 24" oct bbl. A pretty early 95 in the 26k serial range. Engraving is Winchester style 6 scroll. Still visible but receiver has quite a bit of wear. Color is mostly grey on the receiver, lever and mag. Bbl is grey with some discoloration from the action to the end of the forearm. Good overall cond wood with a crescent butt plate. The forearm looks good but likely is a replacement. The gun letters with $2 engraving and the 24" bbl.

Modern  $ 6,750.


Item # W363

W363  HIGH CONDITION WINCHESTER 1895 A good looking rifle with 95%+ bbl blue and 80%+ on the frame. Some wear to the lever. Typical for a 95. Nice smooth action. Good bore. Cal 35 WCF. There is a bit of an oddity on the stock. At the comb area is a very small white bead inlay. Possibly horn or ivory. This is repeated on the forearm on the ebony cap towards the tip. Wood is in good condition. Rifle butt. Good fitting to both upper and lower tang. One crack on the right near the toe. No missing wood and is solid. Forearm is also in VG cond. Nice Winchester!

Modern  $ 4,100.


Item # W391

W391  RARE WINCHESTER 1895 TD Take down rifle in 35 WCF. Not only rare but has good condition also. Receiver has matting on the top with offset proofmark. 90%+ blue with light wear on the bbl. Receiver also has nice blue with some age and wear. More so on the left side. At one time this gun had a Lyman 21 sight but holes are plugged. Near excellent bore. Smooth action. Wood also presents itself nicely. Good fitting to frame and crescent buttplate. A couple dings on the forearm but overall good with no cracks or losses. Not a lot of 95 take downs out there.

Modern  $ 3,375.


Item # W291

W291  INTERESTING WINCHESTER 1895 SRC This carbine is chambered in the great cal 30 gov. 06. Some markings on this gun include the "U.C. Co." which stands for Union Cap and Chemical Company. Also has a rack number of "34". This marking is on both sides of the stock. On the receiver is the number "59". The receiver has 4 extra tapped holes. Bbl has also been shortened some to 19-1/2". Front sight is a replacement bbl band style. Correct ladder rear sight. Surprisingly this gun does have the top wood on it. The bottom forearm wood has been shortened slightly done most likely when they trimmed the bbl. Quite a bit of blue remains and a VG bore. Receiver has quite a bit of blue. Some scratching and wear on the top. Overall stock condition is VG. Some one used an old belt to make a leather sling which has been on the gun a long time. Interesting gun with some history.

Modern  $ 1,550.


Item # W283

W283  WINCHESTER 1895 RIFLE Early gun built in 1899 just missing the antique status. A standard configuration gun with 28" bbl. Cal 30 US. Aging medium brown color to the bbl. Inside the bore is pretty good cond. The receiver is a plum/brown with nice markings. Action is solid but a bit sticky from not being used. Forearm has a few dings and scratches but the wood is sound. One very slight chip missing in the upper corner towards the frame. Buttstock looks pretty nice from the left side. A few dings but fits nice. Turn it over and look at the right side and you will wonder what the hell is that!?! It is an inletted sharpening stone added probably 100+ years ago. I guess it would be beneficial when shooting a lot of game to be able to keep your knife sharp. The stone is very old and has age cracks and a chip missing. Bring this rifle to deer camp and you can gut and skin everyone's deer!!

Modern  $ 995.


Item # W1313-26-770

W1313  WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 FACTORY ENGRAVED RIFLE Cal 30-40 Krag. 26” full round bbl. Fine bore. Original sights include a Lyman flip up receiver sight as well as a bbl sight. Gun is guaranteed correct. Records indicate that it has a fancy stock, Lyman front and rear sights, shotgun butt, oil finish, 1/2” larger Silvers pad, carved in Style D and received in the Warehouse on October 29, 1898. The gun has all these features listed but left out the engraving. Gun has to be right and this is just an error in the Factory Records. I would put my reputation on this gun being correct with the engraving. I have never seen a carved stock 95 that was not engraved. Especially with the unique 1/2” larger Silvers pad. Engraving is a floral panel motif with 4 different game scenes. It has gold lines at the front of the receiver, end of the bbl and around the back of the receiver. Stock is in excellent condition with sharp carving. A beautiful Silvers pad on it. Fancy 3X grade wood. Overall condition of the gun is approximately 95% orig blue with some thinning on the high point areas. Sharp engraving. Deer in one panel. A moose head in another. A bear on one side and a Big Horn sheep. All original complete with an early 17k serial range. Beautiful little gun! Complete with Factory Letter.

Antique  $ 47,500.


Item # W69-26-268

W69  WINCHESTER 1895 RIFLE Cal 35 WCF. A good looking gun with nice bbl blue. A few rub marks. Replacement rear sight and a German silver front sight. The receiver has quite a bit of blue with some wear to the high spots and carry point. 2 extra holes drilled on the left side for a receiver sight. The holes are plugged. Good rifling but light roughness. No pitting but could benefit from a good cleaning. Rifle butt and Winchester swivel eyes. The stock is missing a piece in the upper corner on the right side. A coat of varnish has been added years ago. The forearm is in good overall cond with no cracks or losses. A decent old 1895.

Modern  $ 1,775.


Item # W1661

W1661  WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 28" bbl in cal 30 US. All metal has been cleaned and is silver. By the holes on the left it must have had a Lyman sight at one time. Now it is equipped with standard blade front and rear bbl sight which is missing the elevator. Bore is dirty. Rifling looks good and it may clean up somewhat. Stock looks VG. Has been sanded and refinished. It is shy at the tangs. Forearm is the same. It does fit to the frame good. This gun is 115 years old.

Modern  $ 975.


Item # A405

3 BOXES OF WINCHESTER 405 AMMO 3 Boxes of the hard to find Winchester 405 300 Grain Soft Point cartridges. The 405 Winchester was the most powerful rimmed cartridge developed in 1904 for the Winchester Model 1895 lever-action rifle. 20 rounds per box. Ammo is clean and not re-loaded. Boxes are all in real nice condition. No torn flaps. Use them, collect them, display them. These are good to have with your Winchester 1895 rifle collection. You will receive the 3 boxes shown in the photo. We have more boxes available. Let us know how many you need.

No License Required  $ 295.

W1647 W1647 WINCHESTER 1895 SRC

Item # W1647 -26-259

W1647  W1647  WINCHESTER 1895  SRC This carbine has an interesting marking "MSP" on the bottom of the stock that supposedly stands for Montana State Prison. We do not have documentation as such. A very fine gun in it's own right. Cal 30 US. Good receiver and mag blue. Some wear at the top and at the carry point. Bbl blue is mostly intact with light wear in a couple spots. Stock is nice fitting and very good overall cond both buttstock and forearm. Top wood is in place as is the ladder sight. VG bore with strong rifling. Hard to find a good 95 SRC and this is one.

Modern  $ 3,700.


Item # W161 -26-270

W161  WINCHESTER 1895 SRC Cal 30-03. This 95 saddle ring is complete with the top wood. It is missing the orig rear sight. Instead there is a Lyman 21 sight on this gun. Good bbl blue with just some wear at the muzzle and a couple of light spots. Receiver has greyed out. Some blue in protected areas, especially where the Lyman sight is. Still some blue on the mag which is normally worn off. Bore is a bit dirty and could use a good cleaning. Should clean up to good and has strong rifling. Buttstock has had a coat of varnish added. Fits pretty good and is just slightly shy at the upper tang. Some staining on the receiver and upper tang from the varnish. Recoil pad has been added. Forearm has many achievement marks on the bottom. This gun killed a lot of deer or something else. Forearm also has had a light coat of varnish and is in good overall cond. Top wood is VG+. A nice old saddle ring.

Modern  $ 1,175.

W4 WINCHESTER 1895 405

Item # W4-26-274

W4  WINCHESTER 1895 405 The 95 in 405 is what Teddy Roosevelt fondly nicknamed "Big Medicine". Comes with standard 24" bbl with threaded cap at the end. Winchester had some of their rifles machined for Maxim silencer and protective knurl cap to protect the threads. 3-leaf rear sight and standard Lyman front post sight. Good looking rifle with nearly all shiny bbl blue remaining. Receiver has blue also but some areas of silver. Looks like some one may have tried cleaning at some point? Good markings on the receiver. Nice action. VG bore. Wood is also extraordinary with no cracks or losses. If you want a big bore Winchester the 405 would fit the bill!

Modern  $ 3,875.


Item # W17 -26-262

W17  MODEL 1895 WINCHESTER 24" bbl in cal 35 WCF. Good looking solid gun with most bbl blue remaining. Light wear in a couple spots but pretty much all there. Inside is a VG bore. Receiver has about 40-50% blue and the balance a grey color. Wood is VG cond. Has been lightly freshened and possibly a coat of oil added decades ago. Some oil darkening in the wrist area and the forearm by the frame. The 35 WCF, if you can find it, would make a great Black Bear or other big game cartridge. A decent gun!

Modern  $ 1,875.


Item # W1655 -26-263

W1655  WINCHESTER MODEL 95 405 The 405 was a very powerful cartridge in it's day and still is. Overall nice cond. with 75%+ thinning blue on the bbl with some wear towards the muzzle. The receiver has pretty much greyed out with clean smooth metal. Lyman receiver sight. Rear dovetail has been filled and has a few scratches in that area. Sheard front sight. Bore is VG+. Wood is VG cond. Nice action. If you are a fan of big bore cartidges, a 95 in 405 is a necessity.

Modern  $ 3,875.


Item # W1645 -26-275

W1645  DESIRABLE 1895 SRC Cal 30 gov 03. You don't see a lot of 95 SRC's and they usually aren't as nice as this one. A good example. Ample blue remains on the receiver with some wear to the high points. Also wear to the mag. Bbl has nearly all blue remaining with just light wear at the muzzle. Inside is nice too being VG+. The wood is usually pretty beat up on these 95's but this one is way above average with no cracks or losses. Standard flip up ladder sight is present as is the top wood. A good collectable Winchester!

Modern  $ 3,450.


Item # W55A -26-278

W55A  RARE WINCHESTER 1895 NRA MUSKET The NRA muskets were specially built to comply with the specifications of the NRA target shooting competitions. This one is in 30 Gov. 06 cal. 26" bbl. Finish is mostly an aging blue with some wear at the muzzle. Bore would be good to VG. Strong rifling. Receiver has spots of corrosion that has been cleaned. Mostly a silver/grey color with some blue/brown. Buttstock is in VG cond. Nice fitting. Usage marks but very solid. Forearm wood is very nice with usual mars and dings but good overall cond. NRA musket was set up with the 1901 Krag sight which is on this gun. A unique rare Winchester.

Modern  $ 2,375.


Item # W1649 -26-265

W1649  WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 RIFLE This rifle is in cal 30-03 and has 24" bbl. Nice high cond 95 with 90%+ blue on both receiver and bbl. Some normal wear to the mag. Bore is VG and may clean up to be VG+. Nice bore. Wood is VG. This is a good eye appealing M-95!

Modern  $ 3,875.


Item # W155 -26-264

W155  WINCHESTER MODEL 95 Cal 35 WCF. 24" bbl. A good looking rifle with about 60- 70% blue remaining on the bbl and 80% on the receiver. Bore is VG with nice strong rifling. One extra hole drilled in the upper tang for a tang sight. Wood is VG. Nice old Winchester 95.

Modern  $ 1,895.


Item # W88 -26-279

W88  WINCHESTER 1895 RIFLE A refinished gun at about 80% of that finish remaining. Some wear spots on the bbl. Cal 30 US (30-40). Bore is dark and could use a good cleaning. Rifling seems to be good. Wood is in fair cond with a couple of slivers missing. Light repair along the upper tang. Lower fit is good. Has had a coat of varnish added at some time. Forearm is not bad cond.

Modern  $ 1,175.


Item # W1597 -26-273

W1597  WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 RIFLE Chambered in 38-72 cal. 26" bbl with globe front and ladder rear sight. Nice bright shiny bore in VG-VG+ cond. Good rifling. Nice action. Quite a bit of finish left on this gun. Nice blue in protected areas. The balance is a pleasing brown. Bbl has nearly all the blue on it and good markings. Rifle butt. Some extra figure wood. There are no cracks or losses. Forearm is also VG overall. This is a nice rifle.

Modern  $ 3,875 sale pending.


Item # W1529 -26-280

W1529  WINCHESTER 1895 WITH 28” BARREL Built in 1899. Just missing the antique range. Original started out as a US musket but unfortunately it has been altered. Cut down and top wood is gone. There is a blank in the rear sight slot and a Lyman 21 receiver sight has been installed. Buttstock is in nice cond. Orig musket buttplate. Nice metal on the receiver. Quite a bit of blue on the left. Right side has ample blue but turning antique plum on top. Bbl blue is very nice with just a couple of wear spots and oxidation. VG blue overall. Shiny bore with good rifling. Chambered in the orig 30 US cartridge. A pretty good looking old rifle to use as is or find orig musket wood.

Modern  $ 1,675.


Item # W50A-26-261

W50A  95 DELUXE RIFLE Cal 30 US. Orig 26" rapid tapper bbl. Correct Lyman side mount receiver sight. VG+ bore. Orig 2X grade wood contains a considerable amount of orig varnish with usual mars and dings. Orig shotgun style buttplate. Overall metal is VG with 75% bbl blue and 50% orig receiver blue thinning. Nice clean little gun.

Modern  $ 4,375.


Item # W1490 -26-277

W1490  FACTORY ENGRAVED WINCHESTER MODEL 95 TAKE DOWN Cal 30-06. Pictured on page 337 of R.L. Wilson's Engraving book. The engraver was Gough and features numerous animals done in his style. On one side is a bear stalking a couple deer and a mountain lion sneaking up on a mountain goat. On the other side is a buffalo charging a bear. Receiver is mostly a light grey with sharp engraving. Bbl has about 75% orig blue turning silvery. 24" rd bbl. Orig sights. Rifle style buttplate. The checkered wood shows a fair amount of usage. Unusual checkering in some type of fleur de lis style on the buttstock as well as the forearm. Sound and solid. A very rare gun complete with a crest engraving on the bolt. Includes info on the crest belonging to the Austin family.

Modern  $ 11,500.


Item # W1136A-25-240

W1136A WINCHESTER 1895 SRC This carbine is in cal 30 US. Standard carbine configuration with the exception of the top wood is missing. Receiver has had some pitting that has been cleaned. There are pitting scars throughout. Color is grey. The bbl also has some pitting and dings. A unique feature is that it has a brass muzzle cap. I believe this would be from a Krag rifle. Wood has been sanded and is shy at the upper tang. There has been a few coats of linseed oil put on a long time ago and the color looks good and is wood is solid. Forearm has had oil or something put on it. It is not over sanded. Side grooves are still very prominent. The action is nice and solid but a little sluggish. Hammer and trigger work well. Would make a good "Vintage" hunting rifle.

Modern  $ 995 sale pending.


Item # 9106-25-257

9106 WINCHESTER MODEL 95 DELUXE TAKE DOWN SPORTING RIFLE Caliber 30-06. Orig 24" bbl, VG+ bore, orig sights include Lyman front, typical buckhorn rear as well as Lyman side mount receiver sight. Custom replacement checkered straight grip deluxe burl wood with a higher that normal comb in excellent condition complete with sling eyes and a Silvers pad. Overall metal VG with 90-95% orig thinning bbl blue, receiver retains 40-50% toning blue starting to plum in areas. Nice, clean, sharp, all orig little gun.

Modern  $ 4,275.


Item # 6735-26-284

6735 WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 RIFLE IN .30 U.S. 28 barrel, fine bore, 80% barrel blue overall, the balance turning a plum blue gray coloration, replacement front sight blade, filler blank rear and a VG receiver peep sight which was made to resemble a No. 21; well done. Wood shows fair usage with 1/4" x 2" piece missing near hammer, varnish added; rifle buttplate.

Modern  $ 1,475.


Item # W727-26-271

W727 WINCHESTER MODEL 95 NRA MUSKET Original 24" musket style bbl in scarce cal 30-03. It has the Craig Jorgenson flip up rear sight. Stationary post front sight. Correct bbl bands. Correct sling swivels. Correct flat musket style buttplate. Wood is in generally VG condition with a few mars and dings but no splits or cracks. Metal is also VG with 75-80% bbl blue and 30-40 thinning and toning receiver blue. Scarce original gun!

Modern  $ 3,995.


Item # W578-26-281

W578 1895 WINCHESTER RIFLE 24" bbl. In the very scarce 30 Gov't 03. Nice high condition gun with nearly all bbl blue remaining. Receiver also has ample blue with wear to the high points. Wood is nice fitting and VG condition. Crescent buttplate. Beautiful shiny bore in excellent condition! The 30-03 was not in use very long and this gun has not been used very much. Nice rifle!

Modern  $ 3,475.


Item # 8344-26-272

8344 WINCHESTER MODEL 95 MUSKET IN 30-40 KRAG Exc bore, orig wood is exc+. Overall gun is exc retaining 95% bright shiny orig blue but it looks like somebody got something on the receiver-there's some spots where the blue has been removed. Other than that, it appears to be nearly unfired. Exc+ inside and out, hard to find in this condition.

Modern  $ 5,250.


Item # 8324-26-269

8324 WINCHESTER MODEL 95 NRA MUSKET IN 30-06 Correct 24 bbl, orig wood includes top wood and is in generally VG cond with a few scratches and dings, very slight loss (1/8" high x 1" long) on the forearm where it meets the receiver; other than that it's fine. Good bore, probably 50% toning bbl blue, receiver mostly a plumish coloration with traces of blue in the protected area. All orig, scarce with a 24" bbl.

Modern  $ 3,950.


Item # W055-26-283

W055 WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 RIFLE WITH 24” BBL Caliber 35 WCF. Special order 'Climbin Lyman' receiver sight with aperture, standard Lyman front and King rear bbl sights, receiver is blue brown, bbl has a lot of blue with some thinning. Bore is good. Very nice fitting wood with usual dings, scratches and hunting scars. Sliver missing from forearm. This antique gun has aged gracefully. Good gun!

Antique  $ 2,675.


Item # 4580-26-276

4580 WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 CARTRIDGE TEST RIFLE IN CALIBER .30 ARMY Fine bore, Musket length 28 barrel still in the white (unpolished). It has excellent markings and a date stamp '8-25-16'. Receiver retains 85-90% original blue, Lyman Model 21 receiver sight, Musket buttstock with trapdoor buttplate. Wood near rear of buttstock is battered from being clamped by a machine rest. The front of the musket forearm has been modified to a shorter style. Documentation indicates this test rifle was still in Winchester's inventory as of 3-11-1957. Also listed in 'The Standard Velocity Test Rifle' book as a 'Check Gun' in the ballistic laboratory. Rare, interesting item.

Modern  $ 3,650.


Item # 8786-26-266

8786 WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 TAKE DOWN DELUXE ENGRAVED SPORTING RIFLE This gun is in the 73,XXX serial number range. If you consult R.L. Wilson's Winchester Firearm Engraving book, you'll see several different Model 95's in the 73,74,75 thousand serial number range that were made for the Fancy Finished Arms catalog of 1917 that never materialized. This is one of the new patterns, no doubt and done by Stokes-very typical of his engraving with very delicate scrolls and shell motifs. Caliber 30-06 with a VG+ bore, orig sights include correct Lyman side mount 21 series receiver sight and the engraving is done in such a way that it does not impede on the sight. Orig 3X checkered straight stock deluxe burl wood shows some usage but no splits or cracks; light wear to the checkering; complete with orig Silvers pad. Generally VG+ cond throughout; guaranteed all orig. Engraved Model 95 Winchesters are very hard to find.

Modern  $ 24,500.

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