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Henry Rifles

The famous Henry Rifle is the predecessor to the Winchester line of rifles. It was produced by the New Haven Arms Company from approximately 1860 through 1866. While a few iron-frame examples were produced in the early days, the majority of Henry Rifles came with a distinctive brass frame. Other key features include a grooved magazine tube and a rotating barrel sleeve for loading the gun. As one of the first successful repeating rifles, the Henry Rifle became important during the Civil War. The factory could not keep up with government orders for more rifles, so ironically many Northern soldiers purchased their own Henry Rifle. These rifles were expensive and highly prized when they were new, and they have remained that way. Given the limited production, it is surprising how often we discover a Henry Rifle that has passed down through the original family. This goes to show how much reverence for history is embodied in the story of Henry Rifles. Henry Rifles are always interesting to a collector looking for the centerpiece of a gun collection.


Item # W1248

W1248  SUPERB MARTIALLY MARKED HENRY RIFLE Could very well be the best martially marked Henry to have surfaced to date. It is in the 7800 secondary martial range. These guns are identified only by the martial markings "JT" on the left front side of the stock. This gun is also identified by serial number in "The Historic Henry Rifle" by Wiley Sword and one of the guns that can be researched through Springfield Research Service in Springfield MD. This Henry is in absolutely fantastic cond with bright shiny blue on the bbl. Excellent markings. Orig sights. VG bore. Orig sling swivels. Wood has a sharp cartouche marking as well as about 90% of orig varnish. Very minor handling mars. No splits or cracks. Beautiful grained wood. Receiver is a wonderful butterscotch/mustard color with sharp corners and smooth action. One of the best Henrys I have ever seen!!

Antique  $ 110,000.


Item # W1468

W1468  VERY SCARCE VOLCANIC NAVY PISTOL 41 cal. Scarce 6" bbl. Typical 3-line bbl address which is always faint on the top. Very nice bore with orig sights include a fixed v-knotched rear sight and a pinched style fine blade front sight. Orig walnut grips in good cond with most finish remaining. Mechanics are VG+. All matching numbers. Bbl retains about 90% orig blue starting to tone slightly. Sharp corners. Correct follower and spring. Receiver has turned a dark brass patina. An interesting engraving on one side plate shows an arm raised in the air with a dagger in it. A family crest perhaps? A very fine orig gun with all matching numbers. Case colors turning dark on the hammer.

Antique  $ 26,750.


Item # W1469

W1469  MARTIALLY MARKED HENRY RIFLE A very nice high condition Henry rifle with serial number 9230. This gun is part of the late Martially marked Henrys and does have the AWM on the stock. Receiver and buttplate have the beautiful antique butterscotch color. Some very nice blue on the groove between the mag tube and bbl. The balance of the metal also has blue but has aged. Original sights on the gun including the Henry flip-up ladder style with slider and screw present. Butt stock is just as nice. The "AWM" is still visible although light. The Henry bump is there also. Some slight age shrinking at the lower tang. Overall butt stock cond is exceptional. This Martially marked Henry is listed by serial number in the Henry book by Sword. Truly an exceptional Henry rifle that would grace any collection!

Antique  $ 55,000.


Item # W528

W528 ORIGINAL HENRY HICKORY CLEANING ROD This is an original first model Henry hickory wood cleaning rod. These consisted of four sticks of wood with a threaded steel assembly ferrule on each end. When assembled they could swab the full length of a twenty-four inch Henry rifle. These were included in Henry rifles up to the end of the 3XXX serial range. Then they switched to the more common steel rod. So if you have an early serial numbered Henry, this is a great way to complete your collection or display. These are very hard to find today!

Antique  $ 3,500 .


Item # W620 -24-6

IRON FRAME HENRY RIFLE Cal 44 RF just under 200 serial range. All matching numbers guaranteed throughout including the wooden tang screws, upper tang screws and buttplate screws. All other parts match correctly. Original sights. Very nice bore. Original perch belly stock is in fine condition with a few mars and dings but most varnish is still in tact. Correct Henry style early rounded buttplate. Overall metal is plum/brown patina with traces of blue in protected areas. Sharp corners. Excellent functioning action. Good bbl markings. Correct sling swivels mounted on the bottom of stock and right hand side of bbl. Interesting and unique gun. On page 186 of Les Quick's Henry Rifle book there is a picture of a bayonet and mounting lug and is very similar to this gun. Guaranteed correct to be on the gun. There were two different kinds. The long one is pictured and this is the shorter one. It takes the same bayonet just a slightly different configuration where it mounts. The bayonet would be marked Bahn Frei Bayonet. I have only seen two or three Henry rifles with a bayonet attachment. The gun is guaranteed correct. Great condition for an Iron Frame. They only manufactured around 200 of these. They were manufactured concurrently with the brass frame. Only about less than 100 have been found so far. This one would land in the upper 10% of that class.

Antique  $ 135,000.


Item # W602-24-1

MODEL 1860 HENRY RIFLE One of the finest in the country and for sure the finest I have encountered. Virtually 90%+ bright vivid bbl blue. Receiver is a beautiful butterscotch color. Sharp corners. All the screws are perfect lining front to back. Excellent bbl markings. Mint bore. Original perch belly stock in excellent+ condition with nearly all varnish. A few handling mars and dings. Used very little. Early first model in the 2400 serial range. Has all matching numbers except for one of the upper wood screws has no number. They discontinued numbering them in the 2000 serial range and this one falls right in there. Original sight on the back of the receiver. Dovetail in the back of the bbl. Correct front sight. This is truly an investment grade rifle. I had this gun a number of years ago and was more than happy to get it back.It will make someone an excellent investment.

Antique  $ 155,000 .


Item # W225-24-2

FACTORY ENGRAVED HENRY RIFLE Cal 44 RF. Good bore. Fair markings. Overall metal shows a fair amount of wear on the bbl and is a light grey/brown patina coloration. It may have had some artificial color applied but it would have been a long time ago. The original wood is in VG+ condition with nice figure which a factory engraved gun should have. The early first model configuration to the buttplate. The engraving on the receiver is nicely done in typical Hoggson fashion with the deer jumping a fence. Scroll engraving on the other side. Receiver has turned a nice butterscotch mustard colored patina. The gun has a fair amount of wear on the receiver having been carried a fair amount. The high points are slightly worn. This is the way you want to see them if they have seen any use at all. Guaranteed all original with all matching numbers. Serial number 28XX. Factory engraved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Antique  $ 45,000 .


Item # 1B

THE HENRY RIFLE By Les Quick. This hard cover 240 pg book is by far the best of its kind, thoroughly covering the Henry Rifle including great photos. Don't let the authors name mislead you, this book is Fast, Fast, Fast.

$ 100.

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