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Sharps Rifles


Item # MR1045

MR1045  HEAVY BBL 1874 SHARPS 30" oct bbl that is over 1" in diameter at the muzzle. A heavy weight rifle weighing in at 12+ lbs. Equipped with a globe front sight and a Sharps Vernier tang sight with the long 5" staff and medium aperture. Cal 40 Sharps bottleneck. It also has a double set trigger. Serial number is C54420 which is covered by the tang sight. We have had some very nice Sharps here at Merz Antiques. This one ranks right up there. 95%+ orig bbl blue. Hardly any wear any place. Not even at the muzzle. Perfect Sharps Rifle Company marking. Inside the bore is about as close to excellent that you will find any antique rifle! Likewise the action has nearly all case colors remaining. They have dimmed somewhat but they are all there. The exception is maybe at the tail end of the lock plate where it has more of a brownish color. The wood fit, finish and condition are all excellent. If there was any thing you would note as not perfect it would be the metal buttplate. Looks like it may have sat on a piece of carpet or cloth and rusted at one time. It has been cleaned at some point but you can still feel the light pitting on it. A fantastic 1874 Sharps!!

Antique  $ 15,500.


Item # MR1031

MR1031  RARE SHARPS 1874 MID-RANGE RIFLE This is the mid-range No. 1 target rifle. There were only 66 of these produced. Cal 40-70, 30" part oct bbl, and a case hardened frame. Ample case colors remain that have dimmed somewhat but are still very visible. Nice smooth metal. Bbl also is in VG condition with all finish remaining. Blue is aging lightly. Has the Sharps Rifle Company markings on the bbl. Rear sight is the Lawrence ladder sight. Typical Sharps caliber marking "Calibre 40". Serial number is 156285 which is underneath the mid-range Vernier tang sight base. Bright shiny bore in near excellent condition. Wood is also exceptional. I don't believe this gun was used much more than a few shooting matches. Any Sharps 1874 is highly desirable and adding in the rare factor makes this a great investment Sharps!

Antique  $ 11,750.


Item # MR1030

MR1030  SHARPS CONVERSION SPORTING RIFLE This is one of the Civil War carbines that was converted to metallic cartridge after the Civil War. This one was likely done by Sharps itself as it does have the "Old Reliable" bbl and Sharps Rifle Co address on it. There is also quite a bit of information in sellers books about these conversions that were done by the Sharps factory. Several other companies also did conversions. All of them are fine guns. This one has a medium heavy bbl. Cal 45-70. By the looks it was very likely in use out West. Looks like it was used hard but somewhat cared for as the bore is in good to VG cond. Metal is an antique brown/grey color on the bbl. Receiver is mostly grey. Some repaired cracks on the buttstock and many hunting mars on both buttstock and forearm. Double set trigger, ladder rear sight and a Frontier gunsmith front sight. This also had a tang sight on it at one time. These old Sharps are great guns and this one is very interesting.

Antique  $ 4,775.


Item # MR1026

MR1026  SHARPS 1874 MID RANGE NO. 1 RIFLE High cond very desirable model 1874 Sharps! The stamping on the bbl says " Mid Range". Also has "Old Reliable" and the Sharps bbl address. Cal is Sharps 40-70 bottleneck. Serial range is 157k. Condition of this gun is exceptional. Most blue remains on the bbl. Light wear to the high points. Clean smooth metal with good markings. The frame is a grey color which is what case colors tend to do. This gun is equipped with the Vernier tang sight and a globe front sight. Medium weight bbl with a near excellent bore. Wood is also VG+ with just a few usage marks. No visible cracks. The only loss is a tiny chip on the toe. Buttplate is the signature brass crescent style. Looks almost like a Swiss style buttplate. On the top of the stock is a plate where there was once another sight. Plate has been factory inletted as stated in the letter. Yes! We have a Sharps letter that is very interesting and informative and accompanies the gun! Another plus is the leather case that comes with it. Very rarely do you see any old leather from yesteryear that survived as well as this one. VG cond with some age cracking. Stiching is good but has let go where the butt would be. Everything is present. Has a leather strap that would go on the built in eyes on the case and would have been used as a carrying strap. This 1874 Sharps with the Sharps Letter and the case is a very nice outfit!

Antique  $ 14,500.


Item # MR1029

MR1029  SHARPS NEW MODEL 1863 CARBINE CONVERTED TO METALLIC IN 50-70 CENTER FIRE This carbine is approximately one of 30,000 that were manufactured after the Civil War and were converted to 3-groove rifling. Overall condition is outstanding with nearly all of the vivid case colors as well as about 98% bright glossy blue. Vivid case colors on the buttplate. Original wood is untouched with a sharp cartouche and original saddle ring. Excellent plus inside and out. Would be a great addition to any Sharps collection!

Antique  $ 7,950.


Item # MR1027-26-680

MR1027  EXTREMELY HIGH CONDITION SHARPS CARBINE This is a conversion to the 50-70 government. 3-groove rifling bbl This gun is stamped "New Model 1859" on the bbl. It does have the orig patch box. Once in awhile we will see one of these Sharps carbines in wonderful condition like this one. A lot of nice bbl blue. There is a couple of areas of light dings o the left side towards the muzzle. A little oxidation above where the forearm wood ends. Orig sights remain. The frame has vibrant case colors, very good markings and excellent overall metal. The wood is spectacular. There are a lot of Sharps carbines out there but this one is definitely in the upper tier condition wise.

Antique  $ 5,250.


Item # MR988

MR988  BEAUTIFUL SHARPS SRC New model 1863 Sharps Conversion to 50-70 Govt. Very high condition good looking carbine. The stock is fancy wood that is almost deluxe wood. A couple of light usage marks and a very light crack coming off the upper tang on the right side. Wood is solid and nothing is missing. The forearm is very nice also. Nearly all bbl blue remains. Inside the bbl is amazing. I don't know if this gun has been fired since it was converted to a cartridge gun! The rifling/bore is that nice! Quite a bit of case colors remain on the frame and butt plate. A very solid good looking Sharps!!

Antique  $ 6,750.


Item # MR917

MR917  SHARPS 1859 PERCUSSION CARBINE Nice aged appearance on this old Sharps with the frame mostly an antique grey patina. Bbl is a grey/brown. Bbl marking is very good " New Model 1859". This has the orig patch box on the gun. The stock is in VG overall cond with the exception of no sling swivel on the bottom. Forearm is also good with just a couple of hairline cracks but no missing wood. Bore is in above average cond with good rifling. Some light to moderate pitting towards the chamber. Action works well.

Antique  $ 2,375.


Item # MR974-26-669

MR974  SHARPS “JOHN BROWN” MODEL This a Sharps 1853 slant breech carbine. A pretty good condition Sharps for it's age. All metal has a deep antique patina. Brass hardware is nice. Wood is pretty good also on this carbine. Fits good. A little chip missing on the top where it meets the buttplate. An age crack coming off the upper tang and one along the bottom between the hammer and trigger. Forearm shows some age but is in relatively good cond. All of these were percussion. Very nice rifling in an otherwise dirty bore. Should clean to be at least a good bore. Sharps made a lot of rifles and carbines. This is an interesting variation.

Antique  $ 3,975.


Item # MR922 -26-697

MR922  SHARPS SLANT BREECH 1853 SRC This is also called the "John Brown" model. These are a real piece of history and this one is a good representation in well used cond. There is some pitting on the bbl that has been cleaned. The rest of the gun is mostly a grey/brown color. A lot of dings on the hammer side. The lock plate markings are faint. Butt stock is in pretty good cond. It has the brass furniture which is very nice. On the left side of the stock is a name lightly applied. Not quite readable. This gun has the long ring bar for the saddle ring. Cal 52. Dark bore but good rifling. A great piece of history!

Antique  $ 4,275.


Item # MR412

MR412 SHARPS MODEL 1853 SPORTING CARBINE Caliber 44, 21" round bbl, with standard 'Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. Hartford, CT' markings on top. Lockplates have '1852' date stamp, brass patchbox. Orig wood is generally VG with an old refinish and a couple of small cracks up on the forearm. Overall metal is decent with a blue brown patina coloration to the bbl as well as the receiver having a more nickelly appearance. Smooth clean little gun in a quite rare configuration. 23,XXX serial number range.

Antique  $ 4,850.


Item # MR987-26-673

MR987  1874 SHARPS TARGET RIFLE This is the 1874 mid range rifle with medium weight 30" oct bbl. There are no markings on this bbl. This is a tapered chamber and looks like it would accept 32-40 Winchester cartridge but it will not. Exact cal is unknown. The bore is near excellent with strong rifling right to the chamber area. Bright and shiny. On this gun for sights is a globe front with leveling bubble and a mid range Vernier tang sight. This tang sight is original to the gun as it is marked with the same serial number that is on the upper tang of the Sharps. Overall condition of this gun is very nice. Still some case colors remaining on the frame. Most of it has dimmed and has turned the normal aged case colors of grey. Bbl is a grey/brown patina. Nice smooth metal. Checkered pistol grip stock. Nice fitting. There is a light crack at the pistol grip area. Wood is solid with no losses. Typical Sharps forearm with the Schnabel tip and checkering. A very good looking Sharps rifle.

Antique  $ 8,750.


Item # MR1023-26-679

MR1023  VERY RARE SHARPS 1878 MILITARY CARBINE This is the Borchardt design Sharps carbine which was also the last carbine that Sharps ever made. Very rare in the fact that only about 384 of these were ever made. Most likely you have never seen one of these and very likely you will ever see one again. It does have the standard Sharps marking including "Old Reliable" and "Sharps Rifle Co" on the bbl. On the side is "Borchardt Patent" and "Sharps Rifle Co". The Borchardt design was a narrower slim trim well balanced hammerless design. Cal is the always popular 45-70. Very nice cond gun with ample blue remaining. Some wear towards the muzzle. Thinning in a few spots. Very good markings. Receiver retains 60-70% finish. Faded case colors on lever and breech block. Wood couldn't be much nicer either. A few mars and scratches but for being 135+ years old a fine condition stock. An added bonus is the VG+ to excellent bore. Sharps Letter accompanies this gun which states that this gun was sent to Curry and Bro in San Francisco. Sharps Letters are very good and very informative. Excellent collectable gun!

Antique  $ 5,975.


Item # MR713-26-681

MR713 VERY FINE SHARPS 1878 BORCHARDT LONG RANGE SINGLE SHOT RIFLE Cal 45-100. Extremely fine gun! Original sights include veneer windage adjustable front sight. No rear seat. Folding tang sight with matching base on the back of the stock. Original wood has sharp rifling in excellent condition with a hard rubber buttplate. A few light handling mars. May have some varnish added but not re-finished or undersized. Retains about 95% bright original bbl blue. 50-60% thining case colors. Very nice English Walnut insert panels on the side plates. Very fine all original all matching Sharps Borchardt. According to Frank Sellers' book, only about 230 of these longe range were ever produced. Fine gun!

Antique  $ 19,500.


Item # MR1004 -26-678

MR1004  EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION 1874 SHARPS This is a model 1874 Sporting Rifle with 28" oct bbl. Double set trigger. Desirable 45-70 cal. This fine Sharps was shipped to J.P. Lower in Denver in 1876. Lower was noted as being a large gun distributor in the Old West. The Sharps Rifle Company and Old Reliable are on the oct bbl. This gun is in wonderful cond with nearly all finish remaining on the bbl. Barely worn on the high spots. The receiver is also very nice and has a pleasing grey color. Stock wood fits very nicely both to tangs and the frame. Bore is VG+ to near excellent. Action is crisp. Set trigger works. Orig sights. There are some nice Sharps rifles out there and this one would be in that league. A very nice rifle with a Sharps Letter.

Antique  $ 17,500.


Item # MR915

MR915  1878 SHARPS MILITARY RIFLE Cal 45-70. It has the orig 32" bbl and full length wood. It is missing the forend cap and cleaning rod. Both bands are present. The rear sight has been changed or modified. Bbl markings are "Old Reliable" and it does have the Sharps Rifle Co Bridgeport CT bbl address. On the left side of the frame this has the Borchardt patent stamping and also Sharp's markings. A very interesting gun in overall fair cond.

Antique  $ 1,500.


Item # MR411-25-620

SHARPS MODEL 1853 SPORTING RIFLE 46 Caliber. 11,XXX serial number range, 26 oct bbl, only approximately 1,100 '53 sporting rifles made in this configuration. Overall gun is in exc cond with a considerable amount of orig blue remaining on the bbl starting to turn a plummish brown coloration, receiver has turned mostly dark but still has traces of case colors remaining, exc bore, orig sights. Orig wood has a few minor dings but retains most orig varnish; complete with iron patchbox, a pewter forend cap and double set triggers. All matching numbers, exc and all orig throughout.

Antique  $ 8,500.


Item # MR410-26-689

MR410 SHARPS MODEL 1853 SLANT BREECH SPORTING RIFLE 25,XXX serial number range. 26 full oct bbl, orig sights, VG bore. Orig wood is in generally VG cond with a very small repair to the toe which is hardly noticeable and a brass patchbox. Overall metal is a plum brown patina coloration with exc markings, mechanically exc. Clean gun which is basically a plum brown patina coloration overall. All orig, good looking gun.

Antique  $ 7,250.


Item # MR408-25-618

SHARPS SLANT BREECH MODEL 53 SPORTING RIFLE IN CALIBER .60 Orig 26" full octagon heavyweight bbl, VG bore, good markings, orig wood is in VG cond with brass patchbox, correct double set triggers, orig sights. Bbl retains most the blue which has turned a patina plum coloration, receiver has traces of case colors, nice markings. Sharp, clean, all orig little gun.

Antique  $ 6,800.


Item # MR442-26-671

MR442 MODEL 1874 SHARPS SPORTING RIFLE Caliber 40. Orig full oct 30" bbl, Beaches front and orig factory rear sights, bore is bright and shiny with sharp rifling. Orig wood stocks have a few minor usage marks but generally near exc with most orig varnish remaining, double set triggers, shotgun style buttplate as well as the 'Bridgeport, CT Old Reliable' bbl markings. Gun is guaranteed all orig with 75-80% toning bbl blue, receiver retains 20-25% case colors turning somewhat dark in areas. All orig throughout; complete with Factory Letter indicating the gun was shipped to the New York address of 'E.S. Harris'. Nice gun!

Antique  $ 19,500.


Item # MR544-25-624

MR544 VERY RARE SHARPS LINE THROWING GUN This is set up to fire 50 caliber carbine blank cartridge. The overall gun is in VG condition, with a saddle ring. Bbl is approximately 15" long. No rear sight provisions. No bbl address. This gun is guaranteed to be absolutely correct. One of the very few Sharp line throwing guns that I know to be correct. Wood is VG plus, as is the metal. Bbl is a silvery-brown patina. Frame has some case wear spots but it has clean smooth metal with traces of blue here and there. Action is excellent. Included in this kit is a fitted case with 5 flechettes, 2 hand held wooden dowels with rope, a neat compartment for your 50 caliber blank cartridges and a correct short cleaning rod all fitted in this custom built case. The case is very old. This nice complete outfit would be a fine addition to any Sharps collection or for someone who collects unique items.

Antique  $ 4,150.


Item # MR420-26-675

MR420 SHARPS MODEL 1853 SPORTING RIFLE Caliber 36 Percussion. 26 full oct bbl, orig sights, VG bore. Orig wood shows a fair amount of use but is still sound and solid with a brass patchbox and buttplate. 8,400 serial number range, good markings, mechanically VG, a fair amount of pitting on the receiver and lockplate, bbl is mostly a plummish brown coloration. All orig.

Antique  $ 4,900.

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