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Don and Jan Grove Henry RifleHenry Rifle Serial Number 5127Attention! Henry Rifle #5127 was recently stolen from the Don and Jan Grove table at the Tulsa Gun Show. Please ask your gun collecting friends to be on the lookout for the gun shown in these photos. Stealing a firearm from a dealer is not the same thing as getting a parking ticket... It is a Felony!


Merz Antique Firearms of Minnesota is one of the most respected and experienced dealers of collectible and antique weapons. We specialize in old guns made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of New Haven, CT. We have the largest inventory of antique lever-action Winchester Rifles and Carbines in the world. In addition, we handle almost other types of antique guns including Henry's Patent Rifle, Colt, Marlin, Remington, Springfield, Savage, Sharps, Smith & Wesson, Otis Smith. We also have a nice selection of American shotguns as well as classic European shotguns. Fine antique firearms are a proven stable investment, remain strong, and continue to show growth in many areas. One thing that makes old guns unique is that they can be enjoyed and still hold their value if handled carefully. In recent years we have seen a lot of renewed interest in buying and selling old guns, due to the rise in popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting as well as many new television programs featuring antique guns. Whether you are a collector, investor, history buff, cowboy action shooter, or you just like antiques and neat old things, have a look around our site and let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to help you locate whatever you need.

Ask LeRoy: If you are trying to identify an old gun or need an evaluation, we would be glad to take a look. It would be best if you could email us a few clear photographs and a brief description.

The links in the side column lead to the various categories of our inventory. We have a flexible layaway program and try to be easy to deal with. We've been doing this for over 45 years and hope to continue our great reputation. If you need more info on an item, or would like to sell any old guns, be sure to drop us a line.

Our Newest Arrivals of Antique & Collectible Guns For Sale

Antique Guns For Sale




W1336 WINCHESTER M-100 243


W1332 WINCHESTER M-100 PRE-64 284

W1331 PRE-64 M-100 308





W1321 EXTREMELY RARE PRE-64 M-88 358


W1298 WINCHESTER 1894 SRC IN 23-35


C1804 COLT 1849 POCKET


Santa Claus Engraved Marlin 1888 RifleThe latest edition of our printed catalog, Issue Number 122 should be in the mail to our subscribers soon. Contact us for a free sample copy. In 2012 we surpassed the World Record for The Longest Continuously Published Antique Arms Catalog. Thank you to all our kind customers for your support over the years!

The Merz Antique Firearms Museum is now online. Click here to browse many unique old guns and rare treasures.

The treasures keep coming. We also recently discovered THE FINEST KNOWN ENGRAVED MODEL 1888 MARLIN RIFLE. We thought that this gun was the only engraved Model 1888 Marlin to surface to date, but apparently one other engraved one does exist. However, the other one is no where near the condition of this rifle, plus this one has the truly unique distinction of being owned by Santa Claus himself. We recently acquired this outstanding rarity from a mysterious individual known as Mr. Rudolph. A truly unique and exciting discovery!

We offer gift certificates in any amount you choose. Give us a call and we will drop a fancy-looking gift certificate in the mail today, along with free copies of our most recent catalogs. At your convenience, you can send a check to pay for the gift certificate.

Serial Number 11 Winchester Model 1873 RifleMost folks know that we recently discovered THE EARLIEST KNOWN MODEL 1873 RIFLE, Serial Number 13. Now we have discovered an even earlier rifle, Serial Number 11. This is an outstanding rifle. We are proud to offer our customers the first chance at the best collectible guns as they come on the market. Click here for details on Winchester Model 1873 Serial Number 11.

Some of LeRoy's fine engraved Savage rifles were recently selected as "Gun of the Week" on the Blue Book of Gun Values website. Collectors may recognize this photo from the back cover of a previous Blue Book as well as the front cover of an older CADA Gun Journal. Thanks Steve!

Winchester and Henry RiflesShould a gun be refinished or cleaned? Definitely not. You may have seen old cars or other antiques that have been restored and sell for a lot of money. The opposite is true for restored guns. There is no way to duplicate the original finish on a gun, especially after the metal has worn away or pitted. Once the metal is gone, there is no way to replace the lost metal. Some people do collect restored guns. That is a personal choice. But most people will pay a lot more for a gun showing honest wear and age, rather than one that has been cleaned, refinished or restored. If you have an old gun, do not attempt to "freshen" or clean it in any way. That is a quick way to reduce the value. The only thing we recommend using on a gun is a lightly oiled rag, or a silicone gun cloth, on the metal. This should be done about once a year in a dry climate, and up to once a month in a wet climate. Every time you handle a gun you should wipe away the fingerprints, because the oils in your skin might damage the metal over time. A little bit of oil on the metal is the best way to preserve the value of your guns for future generations. We are proud to be caretakers for many fine old pieces of history.

Give us a call at 218-739-3255 to discuss any item or email or fax 218-739-4599 to reserve your gun. Thank you.

~ LeRoy Merz ~
& the Merz Antique Firearms Posse

In The News: LoveToKnow Antiques recently published an interview with LeRoy Merz, with a lot of good questions and answers about antique guns. Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, also has an interesting article featuring LeRoy in Family Tree Magazine.


We are interested in buying estates, collections or single items. No collection is too large or small. Our years of experience have prepared us to handle all types of antique firearms, swords, knives, western memorabilia and related material. We will pay finders' fees and we also accept guns on consignment. It can be a lot of work trying to sell old guns on your own, but we do this every day and are glad to help you get them safely into the hands of someone who will appreciate their history. We are fully-licensed and have relationships with dealers and collectors around the world, making us the natural choice for selling any type of antique, collectable, historic or rare weapons. Allow our team of experts to locate the right buyer for you. Contact Us.

People often inquire about selling old guns online or through auctions. (Note: eBay does not allow any firearms.) While sometimes good prices can happen at auction, for the seller it can be a risky, long process, filled with many chances to pay fees. Don't wait months for a roll of the dice at an auction, when we can usually send you good money for your old guns within a few days. Let us know what you have.

Buy your antique guns from a respected dealer. Unfortunately sometimes internet scammers "borrow" our photos and descriptions and attempt to rip folks off. We've been dealing antique firearms longer than just about anyone else. Unless an item has sold recently, you can be assured that everything on this website is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If someone offers to sell identical items, please contact the appropriate authorities.

Antique Savage Rifles

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